FREAKY is an experimental format for movement research, a laboratory for physical training and knowledge sharing. Each #lab or #training is facilitated by locals with professional performers/dancers/movers background.
The wish and vision is to learn from each other, to support each other with the individual resources, growing and improving together and creating an interdisciplinary community.
Open to all levels and disciplines. Check the description texts, have your own impression, just try and join or contact us if you have any doubts or questions.

Wednesdays, 19.00 - 20.30
Ehrenfeldstudios, Wißmannstrasse 38, 50823 Köln
On Wednesdays
Start at 19:00
90  minutes
7 Euro

FREAKYPOOL/FACILITATORS (About 30 Cologne locals):
Yana Novotorova, Charlotte Brohmeyer, Bryce Kasson, Maayan Reiter, Constantin Hochkeppl, Anne Weyler, Nikos Konstantakis, Christoph Rummel, Celine Bellut, Susanne Schneider,
 Tim Behren, Ayberk Esen, Salim Ben Mammar, Karoline Strys, Stefanie Schwimmbeck, Philine Herrlein, Silvia Ehnis, Greta Salgado, Roxana Küwen, Bianca Mendonca, Sara Blasco, Manuel Kisters, Jonas Schiffauer, Denis Alexander Schmitz, Lin Verleger, Sophia Seiss, Diana Treder, Mirko Krejci

Lena Peters,



Sept/Nov 2019

Jan - Aug 2019

Wednesday, 7.08. Lin Verleger
#training: Fight Club
Wednesday, 31.07. Sophia Seiss
#training: Let's Give in to the Summer Heat
Wednesday, 24.07. Dennis Alexander Schmitz
#lab:  Shared Energy
Wednesday, 17.07. Mirko Krejci
#lab: Biographisches Tanztheater
Wednesday, 10.7. Diana Treder & Sophia Seiss
#training: Let's Dare to Dance Together
Wednesday, 3.7. Stefanie Schwimmbeck
#training: The Simple in the Complex - The Complex in the Simple
Wednesday, 26.6. Yana Novotorova
#lab  The Axis Syllabus Lab
Wednesday, 19.6. Bianca Mendonca
#lab:  The Dance I Want to See
Wednesday, 12.6. Ryan Mason
#training:   Thar Be Dragons - Unexplored Territories
Wednesday, 29.5 Nikos Konstantakis
#lab: Can You Talk While Dancing?
Wednesday, 22.5. Karolin Strys
#lab: The Listening Body - Voice.Body.Text
Wednesday, 15.5. Cahrliee Bronko
#training Dancing Together
Wednesday, 8.5. Karolin Strys
#lab: Rethinking Performative Strategies
Wednesday, 3.4. Jonas Schiffauer
#lab: Collective Movement
Wednesday, 27.3. Stefanie Schwimmbeck
#training: the simple in the complex - the complex in the simple
Wednesday, 13.3. t.b.a
Wednesday, 6.3. Karolin Strys
#lab: Rethinking Performative Strategies
Wednesday, 27.2. Roxana Küwen
#lab: Comfort Zone Creation
Wednesday, 20.2. Salim Ben Mammar
#training: Coordination and games
Wednesday, 13th february: Robert Andres Diaz
#training: the urgency to move II
Wednesday, 6 february: Robert Andres Diaz
#training: the urgency to move
Wednesday, 16 January | Anne Weyler
#lab: drawing bodies - body drawings / Zeichnung und Bewegung
Wednesday, 9 January | Felix Bürkle
#ws: exploring the other side / Partnering-Improvisation